The Stadium case study

A methodology for optimizing 4G network operation in crowded events Strahov-3Dsection-transparant The Case:
  • A stadium hosts various events with the participation of thousands of spectators
  • During these events, mobile services are used extensively
  • Due to high utilization, network failures may occur
  • Modifications of the radio access network policy in coverage and resource allocation are needed
The Solution: Basic Cell Insight Measurement unit:
  • Composed by three main devices:
    • The LTE DOWNLINK Sniffer
    • An SDR-based UE able to attach to the network
    • The LTE UPLINK Sniffer
  • All devices are built in low-cost generic hardware
  • The LTE Sniffers use complete in-house developed software
The Result:
  •  Optimization Report Study
  • Provision of the Simulation Tool for the area