Feron Technologies PC was established in early 2016 as an innovative startup promoting the software defined radio technology (SDR) for designingdevelopingmeasuringanalyzing, and optimizing contemporary and future radio communication technologies and networks.

Since then, Feron Technologies PC has extended its offering towards a wide spectrum of cutting edge products and services, focusing particularly on:

  • Software libraries and modems for various radio access technologies and networks (4G/LTE, WiMAX, WiFi, ITU.Ghn, LTE-D2D/V2X, ITS-G5, 5G, Enterprise Networks)
  • Analysis and Monitoring of Telecommunication Networks, including hardware/software co-design and implementation of automation tools for measuring and reporting the quality of operational networks

Significant company effort has been directed towards designing, developing and optimizing IoT solutions on vertical domains, such as:

  • Machine-to-Machine communications,
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems,
  • Radio for Safety, Positioning, Remote Metering

demonstrating extended capabilities in the 5G / 5G+ networks era.

Further, Feron Technologies PC distributes selected software applications targeting niche markets, such as e-government, e- travel & e-tourism, quality assurance, business metrics and others.