Feron Technology PC competitive advantage lies with the fact that R&D activities are an integral part of the overall company offering. Significant part of this R&D effort is being supported and partly funded by the European Commission. Feron Technologies PC core team of researchers consists of wireless experts, all PhD holders, possessing more than 10 years of experience in carrying out hi-tech wireless communications R&D projects.
RC-lightbulb-transparent Indicative R&D Activities
  • Vehicular Communications technologies and systems:
    • Use of ETSI ITSG5 and LTE for vehicular-to-everything communications
    • Use of reconfigurable antennas for optimizing inter-vehicle communication
  • Hardware/Software Technologies and Solutions for IoT applications:
    • Communications solutions for IoT, such as LoRa/LoRaWAN, NB-IoT
    • Telecom Infrastructure deployment and management for LoRa/LoRaWAN
    • Software Back-end deployment and configuration for LoRa/LoRaWAN
  • Indoor Localization using Smartphones
    • Development of a complete indoor localization system using measurements obtained by Android Smartphones

Indicative Collaborative R&D Projects funded by the European

  • FLEX – D Project / FP7

Project Objective: To develop & experimentally evaluate novel SDR prototypes for enabling device-centric communications in future 4.5G – 5G networks

Role of FTech: Technical Coordination, Development of D2D/V2V software libraries/modems and LTE sniffer

Duration: 13 months – concluded in Apr 2017

Partners & further info: http://www.flex-project.eu

  • MONROE – MOVEMENT Project / Horizon 2020

Project Objective: To develop automated software tools for benchmarking live 4G/4G+ networks

Role of FTech: Software development, organization of measurement campaigns

Duration: 18 months, ending in Nov 2017

Partners & further info: https://www.monroe-project.eu/

  • WiSHFul – SteeringWheel Project / Horizon 2020

Project Objective: To design and experiment with Vehicular Communication systems by using reconfigurable antennas in V2V & V2I links.

Role of FTech: End – to – end implementation

Duration: 6 months, ending in Jul 2017

Partners & further info: http://www.wishful-project.eu/

  • RAWFIE – PARROT Project / Horizon 2020

Project Objective: To integrate & deploy a H/W and S/W platform prototype tailored to end-to-end public safety operations support for emergency/critical incidents occurring in remote areas.

Role of FTech: End – to – end implementation

Duration: 12 months, ending in October 2018

Partners & further info: http://www.rawfie.eu/

  • FED4FIRE+ – FIVE Project / Horizon 2020

Project Objective: To enhance and integrate FERON’s V2X software radio modem prototype, supporting ITS-G5 and LTE-V2X technologies, with a higher-layer ITS protocol stack, and eventually demonstrate/validate a complete end-to-end solution for the ITS communications market.

Role of FTech: End – to – end implementation

Duration: Stage 1 (feasibility study) ending in December 2017; Stage 2 (full prototype development) proposal submission will immediately follow.

Partners & further info: http://www.fed4fire.eu/