September 2017: Feron Technologies PC proposal on V2X communications solutions has been accepted for funding in Stage 1 Fed4FirePlus Open Call 2. Project has already begun! Fed4FIRE+ building on the success of its predecessor, aims at boosting experimentation-driven research at a European level, by offering a set of open, accessible and reliable facilities supporting a wide variety of different Internet research communities, providing simple, efficient, and cost effective experimental processes, guaranteeing increased trustworthiness of facilities, and supporting the sustainability of the experimental infrastructures. Project “FIVE” implemented by Feron Technologies was accepted in Stage 1 of Open Call. FIVE aims at the experimental evaluation and demonstration of an end-to-end solution prototype for the vehicular communications vertical domain. In the context of FIVE, we plan to integrate our own V2X software radio modem prototype with a higher-layer ITS protocol stack, and eventually demonstrate/validate a complete end-to-end and real-time V2X communication application in real-world conditions. Further information for the project and the open calls may be found in and

July 2017: Feron Technologies PC is further advancing its IoT capabilities through PARROT Project!

The Project was accepted for funding within the context of RAWFIE Project 2nd Open Call for Proposals. RAWFIE Project is an initiative funded by European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Program with the following key priorities:

  1. Development of a strategic experimental infrastructure for mobile IoT;
  2. Support of the entire experiment lifecycle with fully detailed, controllable and replicable conditions;
  3. Integration of Cloud resources and networking facilities provided by the Europe’s Research and Education Network (GEANT);
  4. Provision of a proof of concept for extending the IoT paradigm in the world of autonomous mobile devices and remote piloted systems with real time characteristics; and
  5. Implementation of a reusable architecture that facilitates the testing of hardware, protocols, algorithms, middleware and application protocols.

In this wider context, main objective of PARROT Project is to integrate & deploy a H/W and S/W platform prototype tailored to end-to-end public safety operations support for emergency/ critical incidents occurring in remote areas.

Further info on RAWFIE and PARROT Projects can be found at:

May 2017: Feron Technologies will participate and make a presentation at the prestigious Wireless Innovation Forum (WIF), European Edition, in Oulu, Finland.  WIF (formerly known as SDR Forum) driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide since 1996.

In its annually held European event, Feron Technologies will contribute a technical report and give a talk entitled: “Experimenting with Flexible D2D Communications in Current and Future LTE networks: A D2D Radio Technology Primer & Software Modem Implementation”. These activities have been performed within the EU Project FLEX-D. Further information can be obtained in

April 2017:  A New business collaboration deal has been reached between Feron Technologies (GR) and Komveo Ltd. (UK). Komveo Ltd. ( Komveo Ltd is a dynamic software development company, incorporated in 2015 by a group of experienced software engineers with over 20 years of experience in large public and private sector informatics projects and research. Incorporation of Komveo Ltd. in Feron Technologies solutions is expected to enhance and widen company offering in the IoT domain, allowing swift transformation of Feron Technologies R&D results into tangible products and services.

March 2017: FERON is hosted at an exhibition booth of iWat 2017 conference, in Athens-Greece. The International Workshop on Antenna Technology (iWAT) is an annual forum for the exchange of information on the research and development in innovative antenna technologies. It especially focuses on small antennas and applications of advanced and artificial materials to the antenna design.

In iWat Feron Technologies will have the opportunity to promote the company’s activities in local and international academics as well as various technology stakeholders. In addition, Feron will demonstrate its LTE-D2D software library and modem developed within EU Project FLEX-D.

February 2017:  Feron Technologies has become member of the Microsoft Bizspark Program for Startups! Through the program, we will have access to various cloud resources, for realizing our R&D activities. Further information in
January 2017:  New Year has been successfully kickstarted! Feron Technologies PC became member of Vision 2020 Network! Vision 2020 Network (V2020N) is an Open Innovation & Interactive Collaboration environment for research organisations & enterprises participating in the ‘Horizon 2020’ (H2020) EU funding program. Currently, it is considered as the most efficient collaborative effort for the attraction of H2020 funds. V2020N acts as a hub to connect H2020 participants from excellent universities and innovative companies, and works to maximise the value and Horizon 2020 funding its members can obtain. As such, V2020N is expected to contribute significantly to the efforts of Feron Technologies PC to participate in H2020 collaborative research projects. More information on Vision 2020 Network can be obtained through
December 2016: New success for Feron Technologies R&D team! Their SteeringWheel Project Proposal has been approved to be funded within the context of WiSHFul Project, funded by Horizon 2020 Program of the European Commission SteeringWheel Project Objective is to design and experiment with Vehicular Communication systems by using reconfigurable antennas in V2V & V2I links. Further info on SteeringWheel and WiSHFul Projects can be found at:
November 2016:  Feron Technologies will attend the 2nd Global 5G Event, held in Rome, Italy. The event offers participants both lively debates around spectrum, standards and deployment of 5G as well as exciting showcases of the latest 5G developments from industrial players such as Datang, Huawei, Nokia, Qualcomm and ZTE, and the latest results and demos from 17 5G PPP projects.
May 2016:  MOVEMENT Project Proposal has been approved to be funded within the context of MONROE Project, a FIRE Project funded by Horizon 2020 Program of the European Commission MOVEMENT Project Objective is to develop automated software tools for benchmarking live 4G/4G+ networks. Feron Technologies will perform software development and will organise measurement campaigns. The Project has a duration of 18 months. Further info is available at:

February 2016:  FLEX – D Project Proposal was accepted for funding by Framework Program 7 (FP7) of the European Commission

FLEX – D Project Objective is to develop & experimentally evaluate novel SDR prototypes for enabling device-centric communications in future 4.5G – 5G networks

Within FLEX – D Project, Feron Technologies will perform Technical Coordination, Development of D2D/V2V software libraries/modems, as well as Development of an LTE sniffer.

Further info is available at:

December 2015: Feron Technologies attended the FIRE Forum 2015, in Brussels, Belgium.

The FIRE initiative (Future Internet Research and Experimentation) is an open research environment which facilitates strategic research and development of new Future Internet concepts, giving researchers the tools they need to conduct large-scale experiments on new paradigms. The objective of the FIRE Forum was to bring together representatives of all FIRE projects and the Experimental Platforms unit, to discuss technical issues of common interest regarding experimental facilities and (re)define experimentally-driven research to cope with the current demands for innovation.

December 2015: Feron Technologies joined mi-Cluster

mi-Cluster: Nano/Microelectronics-based Systems and Applications Cluster the first innovation cluster in Greece since 2006

November 2015: Feron Technologies at Web Summit – Dublin, Ireland

In 4 years, Web Summit has grown from 400 attendees to over 22,000 from more than 110 countries. It’s been called “the best technology conference on the planet”. The attendees, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the world’s most exciting startups.

December 2014: Feron Technologies joined Athens Startup Business Incubator

The “Athens Startup Business Incubator” -THEA project is one of the most important initiatives undertaken by the ACCI (Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and aims at promoting the socioeconomic reconstruction of the metropolitan City of Athens, since the provision of support to new entrepreneurs is the basis for the revival of business activity.